A day of Birth again

One feels joyful on the date of birth even if simplest or none of the preparations were made. I often wondered about this . What is the point in being gleeful on starting a life which is more of challenges than harmonies. So our inner intuition responds for some higher meanings of life.
On passing four decades, i am in effort to attribute some reason or aim to my being. Simply putting, to define your life in a frame line of reason is quite a difficult thing.
By Allah’s grace, every life is a multi dimensional contribution in the making of whole world. We all are doing a lot without any determined reason.

And a life of substance is marked  when someone establishes harmony between possibilities, challenges, desires and high goals. So all the years and moments of life must be enriched with positivity, tolerance,  care, harmony and love, neglecting bad emotions and negative things. Aggression and offence is no solution to any problem.
Best of wishes on this 20th Feb.

Find out your Beauty

How it can be fair to say that this world lacks beauty ? Its entirely a matter of one’s own definition. Every body has different perspective for determining the beauty. Many a people just link the beauty with commercial point of view. High prices could determine the level of beauty and cost. Yes, precious things do come with shocking price tags.
Hence, beauty that touches the heart and uplifts the spirit is priceless. It may not be placed in a show-case or any display window. It could be a small act of care, a cheerful smile or a tiny silly co-incidence.
Its the beauty in truth, in realization of pain, in being fair, in love and in having courage. Its looking into the hearts and feelings. One may run out of time and money but a smile and an act of care never takes time or money to give life to a dear-one’s heart.
Being always so broad-sighted to leave behind unhappy moments, is surely isn’t an easy thing. But courage must be there to work and develop the place of beauty-generating position. Never forget bitter experiences, keep them pinned somewhere in the memory, and never be a reason for some one else’s bitter memory.
Beauty has to be worked for, searched for, valued and to be planted in every heart. Only with beauty in the heart, we can cope with the evolution of this age, including all the stress, competition and rapidly changing world. Beauty is never locked, its always spreads just like the light. A loving and caring heart is always beautiful. Try to own a beautiful soft heart.