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A Saturated Heart


“Gaining”, as a word, on consulting a dictionary, stands for, . . . .
To come into possession or use of something,
To acquire,
To attain,
To have as profit or reward,
To gather, collect and increase. . .
A great number of meanings, infact ! All of which show increase in possession, that is a good sign.

As a common use, gaining power means to reach a specific position or seat, gaining profit indicates some good deal, bonus or unexpected fortune, and so on. . .many more meanings. Except gaining weight n pounds, all others synonyms for gaining are used in good sense.



One thing to notice: in any type of gaining, are we keeping the profit to ourselves ? Or just handing it over to someone else?

Spending, passing or sharing is not rare, people do share and spend lavishly, but what is missing, is to retain the fruits of our gains inside ourselves. Very little that we enjoy what we gained.

For example, after gaining money, we come across expenditures at once, without actually realising the blessing of that gain, without a mind to enjoy or to be thankful to be in a position to spend. And by here, ignoring all the positive impacts that this gain should place in our inner selves. Materially, there may be seen goodies, but no contentment inside the heart.


Gaining knowledge , either to earn a good life, or to deliver it further to students, or just to proof one’s intellectual value, is not just enough, for this gain. Very rare to find a situation, in which knowledge, of any kind, is gained to soothe and enlighten one’s inner self and soul. It is ok with commercial aspects of knowledge, but hopeless to find, that this knowledge, havent given a chance , to make some light and kindle the heart and mind of the bearer.

Retaining the impact of every gain in life, to be more positive, can bring out harmony and calm in life, to a considerable extent. Many of our gains, dont put any positive effect on our heart and psychological health. This leads to a kind of educated people with illiterate behaviours, wealthy persons with poorly sick attitudes, ill manners in well dressed bodies, weak and abnormal thoughts coming out of good looks, stuffed pockets and empty hearts, filled stomachs and hungry eyes.

The behaviour of not realising and containing a gain, makes us never feel content and saturated. A saturated heart is the actual fruit of life, a heart in peace, with zero negative feelings.



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