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Bearing Colonial Germs

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SARWAT AJ ثروت ع ج

Bearing Colonial Germs

We as a society must face the truth, whether we are capable to change anything or not. Our main problem in all the areas of life is that we tend to behave like an ostrich and put our head beneath the sands

We have to seek and work for ways to develop moral courage at all levels. Our most common practice since a long time, is to build an imaginary world, make big castles in it, and to believe in unseen solutions that will come from nowhere. After planning such things we connect them with the beliefs. Now anyone talking about facts and dreadful realities can be accused of not believing in faith. Thats very much a wrong interpretation of faith. Believing in eternal powers of Allah gives courage and guidance to take steps and decisions

Looking back in chronology of such behavior we find that its…

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One thought on “Bearing Colonial Germs

  1. They say, you deserve the love you are happy with.

    It holds good for anything and everything….

    Our part of world has one thing that is very noticeable, very permament……and that is: insecurity.

    We have been ruled over, invaded upon, over and over again…. We have been the best hired-armies in wars which were not ours (even today, the UN peacekeeping forces have the maximum participation from sub-continent)…..and then ‘Jihad’ of Afghanistan, and then WOT.. The list goes on…. Latest is the IMCTC of KSA, with our belived retired General in-charge of it…..

    Many of us have freed themselves from these shackles. We today have entreprenurs, businessmen, scientists, acdamicians, artists, intellectuals……this list also goes on.

    The collective sin is, however, that all these bright stars have not been able to create a system here. They have no doubt, created isles of excellence. From Edhi to Dr Adeeb Rizvi to Dr Amjad Saqib, we have a galaxy of people with extraordinary intents and acts of courage, compassion and commitment.

    The problem is with the mindset that keeps us into inertia. It is not only into the heads of political masters or bureaucrats, but equally finds space in the local cleric and para-medic.

    The reason: insecurity.

    Solution: We have to build and institutionalize goodness, hope, tolerance and out-of-box thinking. Kirdaar-saazi (Character building)….and as a friend says, we have to teach “directional sciences” to our kids and olders, alike…

    Thank you Ma’m for sharing this post….
    Jazak Allah.

    When people start to think for something good and noble, God starts to give it a shape…

    Allah be with you. Aameen.


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