Bearing Colonial Germs

Bearing Colonial Germs

We as a society must face the truth, whether we are capable to change anything or not. Our main problem in all the areas of life is that we tend to behave like an ostrich and put our head beneath the sands

We have to seek and work for ways to develop moral courage at all levels. Our most common practice since a long time, is to build an imaginary world, make big castles in it, and to believe in unseen solutions that will come from nowhere. After planning such things we connect them with the beliefs. Now anyone talking about facts and dreadful realities can be accused of not believing in faith. Thats very much a wrong interpretation of faith. Believing in eternal powers of Allah gives courage and guidance to take steps and decisions

Looking back in chronology of such behavior we find that its been a habitual method of humans. Not all the humans surrender to their fates but those who once lived in a forced system do develop this trend. We can take it as the only escape tool for a depressed group of people who were invaded recurrently

History says this. This part of world has a long history of invading rulers. And the people of area had never had the chance to take charge and have the control of their own lives

Yes, one can say that its been a long long time ago, but have we taken any steps to remove traces of that state of mind? Or we just thought that it could a natural phenomenon to recover from that mind set- up? Its just like any of the ailments that require proper treatment and a follow-up, along with immunity steps. But right after the independence, we have no clear records of what has happened in history, its always controversial, scandaled, misleading and unpleasant

Isnt it enough now to swallow it anymore ?
We must plan on all levels to rebuild and redesign