From Where Comes the Sorrow?

Academic years lay the basic ground of a student’s life. One learns to move ahead, compete, work hard, socializing class fellows and have knowledge. A student may never come across the experiences again which once he has been through in the school or college life.

They were all 5 hours at Air Base Inter College Mushaf on feb, 23, 2013. I have been to the annual awards ceremony and talent show at the college, with my daughter who was awarded for a position in her board exams.

The whole ceremony went quite good, in a routine way. A dinstinctive item in the talent show took my whole attention. It was a presentation of many famous noble personalities of sub-continent’s history. Very obvious to see that students of seniour school have done a great effort to find out exact details about the appearance of all the great people.

Mohammad bin Qasim was first to appear along with Mehmood Ghaznavi in their traditional get ups. The days are passed when these personalities were very familiar to general public.
Zaheer ud din Baber followed them, representing era when mughals were rulers. All the magnificience of mughals flashed in my mind, from their magestic life styles to architecture.

Names from the freedom movement were next to come. So adorable were those students, having practiced for many days and providing all the sufficient accessories to present every particular personality. I smiled to see a thin Sir Sayad Ahmad Khan, who was no doubt a healthy tall man. Two brothers, Moulana Mohammad Ali Johar and Moulana Shaukat Ali came and made me remember Bi Amma, whose famous line was “jaan beta khilafat pe dey do”.
Chaudhry Rehmat Ali was holding a play card displaying “Pakistan”. The great poet Allama Mohammad Iqbal came in his famous pose, thinking and meditating.

Then came the noble couple Liaqat Ali Khan and Begum Ra’na Liaqat. Such a beauty to have your life partner as a companion.

A shadow of grief has taken my heart at this point. How this great man departed this world? I was thinking if the loss happened because of this murder had ever been fulfilled. It was no doubt a murder of democracy. Why we are a nation who’s history has so many unsolved murders? Can ever we stand proud and high with the burden of these assassinations? All of such and similar events appeared flashing in my mind.

And finally, names of Quaid e Azam Mohamad Ali Jinnah and Fatima Jinnah were announced and came forward two students, in the lots of clapping from the audience.
The pain grew deeper.
More unanswered questions.
Blood- stained history and controversies.
Sorrow grabbed all my nerves, if my heart was sinking.

But still I can feel hope in my heavy heart, because they say that dusk must follow every dark night.
(Originally posted on February, 2013 on attending this occasion.)