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Parenting: Objectives


Parenting: Objectives

Creator’s most beautiful gift on earth is a human in its purest form. It’s a child. . . . púre, innocent and unpolluted. A child reflects how is he been brought up and made into a grown-up by his parents. Even an old man can’t hide the traits of his childhood in his grey hair and wrinkled smile.
It is not a case of direct proportion, it needs real study and observation to be understood that how things work in the case of a child. In the formation of a personality out of a child, things may turn out un-expected. Being very strict with kids may not always bring out positive results. It’s a practice that our previous generations adopted and been contented about it. They produced a whole generation under vert strict rules, an obedient and compromising generation. Generally speaking, this generation was characterised by either being reluctant or shy people, or being un-naturally arrogant as an adverse reaction, with exceptions, of course.
It’s not more than a century passed on the planet that children were at distant and strict relations with parents in all the regards. Time has proved that this behaviour was on one side of the required balance. So there emerged the very opposite reaction of this behaviour. We all surely have seen parents who were so confident to over-pamper and spoil their kids. This behaviour wasnt a natural one either. It came out as an impulsive reaction.
For an ideal situation between kids and parents, i dont consider myself any authority to have a say, but on the basis of observation and experience, let me say that there must be some clear objectives determined.
In many cases, people misplace this objective. Many parents take solace from their past experiences while treating their children. Its a sort of self compensation. One does what ever he desired or missed in his childhood.
On the other hand, some people get so much emotional fog inside themselves which leads them to develop a senseless outlook. So we find them unreachable to the psychological understanding of their kids. Parents of this category leave hollow spaces in the foundation of this basic relation. They never mean it intentionally but they do so in the practical sense.
Since undoubtedly, parent’s role is of an ever-lasting impact in a person’s whole being. No one can deny the fact. To the extent that a dead parent’ s role keeps on going in a person’s life. This is a bare fact that has to be placed on priority levels and evaluated in this way.
Whatever may be a parent’s circumstances, they must consider their child as a whole person, who once started breathing, will continue to grow physically and mentally. And being a parent, one is responsible to raise valuable useful persons who can play their valid role in the society. This responsibility increases when we consider our society which has a lot of chronic  problems inter-woven and deep-rooted through history.
For every step taken toward the child, a parent must have to throw lights over a long-range, use perception based on solid experiences, to analyse and evaluate all the pros and cons, and to have a deep insight in the child’s mind. This all has to be included along with the objective while treating this great responsibility. A responsibility that every parent owes to the society and history.

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  1. Obrigada mais uma vez Filipe pela tua mensagem que neste momento estava mesmo a precisar destas palavras! Embora já tenha lido sobre o poder da merec,panete que é sempre novo pois cada pessoa dá a sua leitura pessoal e ajuda outras na sua forma de ver a realidade. A mim ajudas-te! Obrigada Cristina Gomes


  2. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.


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